Sun // May 22nd at 5pm

May 22 5:00 pm

The Rock Revolution at 50 with Michael Campbell

A Historical Perspective

The rock revolution of the mid-1960s was the most eventful time in the history of popular music. At no time before or since did popular music change so radically in such a short timespan. In his presentation, Michael Campbell explores two questions: Why rock was such a revolutionary music, and why there hasn’t been another popular music revolution since the 1960s. He will highlight the rapid maturation of rock from teen music scorned by the establishment to a powerful and expressive new musical style with a radically new esthetic, and he will look back and forward to demonstrate how rock was evolutionary as well as revolutionary, and how the evolutionary path that guided popular music throughout most of the 20th century reached an end point by the end of the century. 

Michael Campbell is a pianist, teacher, and writer. Before moving to Rhode Island in 2003, he taught at Western Illinois University for 22 years. He is the author three textbooks for general music courses. Among them is Popular Music in America, the first text to offer a comprehensive account of two centuries of popular music.

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