Wednesday December 13 at 6pm

Dec 13 6:00 pm

Our Blue Park: A Scientist's Stroll Through the Northeast Canyons & Seamounts Marine National Monument

co-sponsored by the Mystic Aquarium

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, which was designated by President Barack Obama on September 15, 2016, is the only marine national monument in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean and the only one located off the continental United States. With words and pictures, Senior Research Scientist at Mystic Aquarium Dr. Peter Auster will recount research on the ecology of this region at the edge of our continental shelf and beyond - conducted with ships, submersibles and aircraft - and the otherworldly animals that live there.  He will also describe why this is such a special place for marine wildlife and worthy of protection. 

Suggested donation $5