Friday July 14th from 5-7pm

Jul 14 5:00 pm

Exhibit Opening: Beyond The Range Of Sight

the Art of Allison Gildersleeve & Sue McNally

Beyond the Range of Sight is a line from a poem by Henry David Thoreau titled Inspiration. Allison Gildersleeve and Sue McNally share one inspiration-the American landscape, but each painter takes this source to contrasting vantage points. Where McNally gives us the grand vista, big skies and the uninterrupted horizon line, Gildersleeve is deep in the weeds, giving us a myopic view of the undergrowth at our feet.

Beyond the Range of Sight describes two painters who aren’t content to stop at a facsimile of their subject matter. While the specifics of each chosen location are visible to the viewer, the artist process of making is also foregrounded, pushing the work into a place that hovers between the obvious and the intangible. In McNally’s and Gildersleeve’s work, the soupy mixture of emotions and associations that connects us to a familiar place bubbles to the surface with an immediacy that transforms how we see.  Opening reception Friday, July 14th, from 5-7pm.  Exhibit will run through the end of August. 

Middle slide: Allison Gildersleeve Awakening / 2017 / oil on canvas /  58 inches high by 88 inches wide, diptych.

Bottom slide: Sue McNally, Prime Hook, DE / 2014 / Oil on canvas / 64 inches high by 66 inches wide.

Suggested donation $5