Sunday July 9 at 5pm

Jul 9 5:00 pm

Stonington Free Library: Diplomatic Anecdotes with Ambassador Molly Raiser

Ambassador Molly Raiser will speak at La Grua for the Stonington Library’s Sunday Lecture Series.  Molly was Chief of Protocol during the first Clinton Administration from 1993-1997. She represented the President to foreign heads of state as well as ambassadors to this country. She coordinated all Presidential trips overseas.

Ambassador Raiser will give us anecdotes on interesting heads of state, including Rabin, Hussein, Mandela and Yeltsin.  She will illustrate vignettes of the personable side of these international leaders, some of whom had a great sense of humor.  We will experience what it was like to travel with the President on his many trips abroad. 

Ambassador Raiser is well qualified to speak on this subject.  She has forty years of political and educational experience.  She taught American Literature for four years at the University of Jordan in Amman.  She is past Chair of the US committee to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  Ambassador Raiser has also served on the Board of the National Democratic Institute for two decades.  As a member of that Board, she visited pre-intifada Palestine to work on civic education programs and was an official observer for the Palestine presidential election.

This will be a fascinating talk…not to be missed!