Monthly Meditation

Dec 19 7:00 pm

The Art of Meditation

With Gen Kelsang Khyenwang, 

Resident Teacher of Odiyana Kadampa Buddhist Center, CT

Within each and every one of us is an unlimited source of creativity, joy and wisdom. In this series of classes, learn to connect with your limitless potential for inner peace, love and compassion through the practice of meditation. 

Classes include: 

- a brief guided meditation to let go of busyness and distractions

- brief advice on how to develop and maintain positive states of mind in daily life

- guided meditation on the class topic

- time for discussion and Q&A

Nov 28 - The Power of Inner Peace 

Dec 19 - Identifying with Reality 

$12 per class.

Everyone welcome!

For more information, contact or 860-266-6041.